Friday, August 14, 2015


A Brief Review of Q4OS Linux

I'm ready to make some provisional comments about Q4OS and Trinity.

Q4OS Linux is based on Debian Wheezy so it is similar to AntiX in this regard. If you like KDE 3.5.10 then you'll like Trinity which is what Q4OS uses.
Basically package names for q4os trinity are of the form:

kooka-trinity, ksnapshot-trinity, kolourpaint-trinity etc.

So in q4os you would basically do 'apt-get install kdestuff-trinity'.

Q4OS Linux Desktop

It fixes a lot of the old KDE 3.5.10 bugs. On the down side the GUI eats about 8% of the cpu when idling and 30% of the cpu while kdm_greet is running. This is due to the fact that Q4OS's version of kdm_greet runs an analog clock with a hand that shows the seconds. Q4OS has something called libsystemd-login0 which I assume is from debian wheezy which isn't removeable without also removing trinity.

Both AntiX and q4os use init and I don't see any processes that use systemd.

A basic install uses about 2 gigs of hard drive space. Q4OS doesn't load many programs from the initial install. The Q4OS install disk is one CD with about 300 megs worth of files.

Early conclusion: if you want to have an up-to-date system running a desktop similar to KDE 3.5.10  then Q4OS Linux with Trinity isn't a bad choice.


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