Friday, May 24, 2013


OpenBSD on Dell GX110 Hits 1 Year Uptime

 Out of all the operating systems I've ever tried, I have to give a special nod of appreciation to OpenBSD 4.7. An hour ago it hit one full year of uptime. The hardware it's running on is nothing special, just an old Dell GX110 with a P3 cpu and 256 megs of ram. No mysterious slowdowns occurred and the system is still responsive. This marks the first time I've ever run a computer non-stop for over 1 year.

Here is a list of the longest uptimes I've personally had with various combinations of operating systems and hardware:
Longest Uptimes

dell gx110 openbsd 4.7  365 days
server tyan fc1         276 days
dell gx110 freebsd 8.1  169 days
toughbook cf-48 f10     165 days
hp nx9030 f16           127 days
zaurus sl-5500 embedix  120 days
acer 5534 f14            89 days
vector qdi p3            58 days
pcchips f10              35 days

FC1 refers to Fedora Core 1
F10 refers to Fedora 10
F14 refers to Fedora 14
F16 refers to Fedora 16


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