Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Web Hosting Rating

I came across some interesting information the other day at Web Hosting Articles. This site acts as a concentrator of information about web hosting which includes reviews on hosts and articles on co-location, scripting, e-commerce, security, Linux hosts, Windows hosts, Domain names and general news. Each month visitors can submit hosts to the site and vote for the best web host in twelve different categories.

Anyone interested in a Content Management System including Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Coppermine and more can check out the ratings and price of various hosts who offer such services. Each host is ranked by vote and limits on space and traffic are listed along with a detailed review of all the features provided. New hosts are listed as they are submitted to a directory.

Developers and programmers may find a list various web hosting tutorials of interest. A concise review of each of the major scripting languages shows their pros and cons along with their uses. I'm pleased to see that open source scripts are recommended and clearly there is a price saving of PHP and Perl over ASP. Not that I missed it but one technology I didn't see mentioned or used on the site was Adobe Flash.

Even though I am a command line sort of person I checked out the page on Control Panels. There is a plethora of information there. The first time sys admin will probably be glad of some sort of control panel. I've used Plesk before and it seemed pretty easy to use. Other ones mentioned include cPanel, Supreme Control Panel, Helm and SiteWorx. There are also web hosting tutorials on control panels which talk about ease of use and security in greater detail.

If you are looking for information on hosts this site is a good starting point, especially if you are just getting started. People looking for budget hosting or a host for their blog will find plenty of choices. Even if you are more experienced you will probably find information you didn't know before.

Web Hosting Rating


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