Saturday, November 15, 2008


The Best PTC Site

One of the newest net phenomenas are the rise of numerous PTC or Pay to Click sites. To briefly describe PTC: basically they are sites where you are paid to look at online ads, usually for a minimum of 30 seconds. Judging by the number of these sites advertisers must love them. I've tried a number of PTC sites and one site stood out from the rest:

Naturally it is Linux compatible. There was only one PTC I tried which wasn't compatible and that was SandraClicks. Sandraclicks is still a pretty good site, just not for hard-core penguinistas!
UPDATE: Dec. 6, 2008 It appears that the Sandraclicks site is now dead.

Neobux has a clean design and has a forum for any questions you may have. Looking around the net you will find that many sites rate this PTC site as the best of it's kind. You will get at least 4 ads per day even for standard members and possibly more if you check back often.

One may rent referrals and the system will replace inactive referrals after 14 days of no clicks. Paidouts are fast and requests are filled within 48 hours via AlertPay.

After thinking about PTC sites it seems that it is better to concentrate your efforts into a few really decent sites rather than signing up to a bunch of them and given the good qualities of Neobux I can say that this one is worth the effort.

Great Post! Come check out my new PTC site at . We just reached 500 members today and we have been online for less than a month! Happy Earning!
I have been a PTC member for a long time and I can say that they are a legit programs. But I am not using them as an ads clicker anymore cuz I have discovered more profitable way than clicking ads. And it really boost my online earnings.

Btw, I like the design of your site, it looks very clean and professional.

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