Friday, October 31, 2008


Making money using Linux

Yes, it is possible! :)

First you can run ads on your web site and/or blog. Like many others I have tried Adbrite and Adsense. Both services will work using a Linux server. Of the two services most people will probably earn more money with Adsense but there is no reason why you can't try both. The usual logic applies here, the more traffic = more clicks = more earnings.

Another way you can generate some extra money is to participate in online surveys. My experience so far is that one can make more money with surveys than with ads. If you are Canadian then one of the best survey sites is Webperspectives. This is a really good site and it pays via paypal but I'm not sure it is 100% Linux compatible. I hate to say this but if you are a Linux user it may be a good idea to have a second computer handy running Windows 2000 or newer just in case you encounter a survey that uses activex or is otherwise Linux unfriendly. I can also recommend InboxDollars (link to the left or at the bottom) but unfortunately this one will probably require a Windows computer.

There are also many sites that will pay you to look at ads. You can even buy referrals so you can receive money via other people looking at ads. There are tons of these types of sites but I had the most luck with One advantage is that many of these sites will pay out quickly via Paypal or Alertpay. I haven't had any problems using my Linux computer and Firefox to use these sites, but the earnings were significantly less than the survey sites, at least without buying any referrals.

A third method for making money is to write articles for services like PayPerPost and Blogsvertise. PayPerPost requires a blog to be at least 90 days old and have 20 articles or more before it can be considered for paying jobs. Evidently some people are making some serious money, upwards to $20,000. So far I haven't made anything from these services as my blog is too new. On a positive note it appears that Linux users will have no problem signing up and the people there seem friendly.

This topic definitely needs a follow-up so I'll be sure to write more on my future experiences, especially where PayPerPost is concerned. I enjoyed most of the surveys and it didn't really eat up too much time. Getting paid to look at ads is definitely less fun and the money doesn't seem to be too good but some others do report earnings of hundreds of dollars. The trends are clear, it seems online jobs are here to stay and if one is determined enough you can indeed make some money. If you feel that the earnings are too meager with one particular site don't be afraid to drop it as there are tons of sites out there.


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