Sunday, September 7, 2008


The Funny Papers Circa 1934

I found some Toronto Star newspapers in the attic of the house a few years back probably dating back to when the house was first built over 70 years ago. The funny papers were much bigger in those days. Only one of them was small enough to fit on my scanner (hp 5200C).

As you can see from the scan it's dated November 24, 1934:

It's Papa Who Pays

I don't have the heart to throw out the old newspapers. At least with the scanner I can keep a version which won't decay any further. This blog entry really doesn't have anything to do with Linux beyond the fact that it's hosted on a Linux server and it was scanned using kooka.

While we are looking at 1930's era funnies it might be of interest to look at some historical pictures of Toronto. There are quite a number of old photos from the same time period:

Historical Toronto Pics

A while ago I asked this guy who was over 80 if the ratio between wages and the cost of living was different now compared to when he was young. He told me it was approximately the same then (say the 1940's) as it is now, but I'm inclined to think things are generally better now.


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