Monday, May 1, 2017


FC1 hits 1 Year Uptime (Again)

   Back in November of 2015 I couldn't resist bragging a bit about my old Fedora Core 1 machine reaching 1 year of uptime. Now it has managed to run another year without interruption.

   It eventually ran for 489 days in the first instance. No doubt there have been many machines with much longer uptimes than that, but keep in mind this machine was first built in 1998 and is running on home utility power.

   KDE was upgraded twice on this machine. Originally FC1 shipped with KDE version 3.1 but I upgraded it twice, first to KDE 3.3.1 and finally to KDE 3.4.2 which it still runs to this day. Here is the oldest surviving picture from 2005:

   For the historical record I'll list the versions of KDE I've encountered:

KDE 4.14.21    Slackware 14.2

KDE Trinity 

KDE 3.5.10     vector linux classic
               openbsd 4.7

KDE 4.14.3     Vector Linux 7.1 Light (VL7)

KDE 3.1.X      fedora core 1 (upgraded this to 3.4.2 back in 2005)
KDE 3.1.2      redhat 9.0     2003
KDE 3.0.3      redhat 8.0
KDE 3.0.0-12   redhat 7.3
KDE 2.2.2      redhat 7.2
KDE 1.1.2-10   redhat 6.1    oct 1999
KDE 1.1.1pre2  redhat 6.0    apr 1999

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